Naya beer created in honour of killed 'Belgian' wolf

Naya beer created in honour of killed 'Belgian' wolf
The first 400 litres of the blond Naya beer can be bought from 1 February. Credit: Natuurpunt/Welkom Wolf

Naya beer, named after the 'Belgian' wolf that was killed last year, will be introduced from 1 February.

Part of the proceeds will go to the Welcome Wolf nonprofit organisation, and will mostly cover the costs of the judicial investigation case surrounding the death of the wolf.

Mario Vanherck from brewery De Logt, located in the municipality of Hechtel-Eksel in the Limburg province, got the idea for a wolf beer with Jan Loos from the Welcome Wolf organisation.

"Together we decided to market a Naya beer, to keep the memory of the first wolf in Flanders alive," they said, reports Het Nieuwsblad. "The De Logt brewery is adjacent to the military domain where Naya lived, birthed pups, and unfortunately was also killed. A brewer almost could not live and work closer to the habitat of Naya than Vanherck," Loos said.

The first 400 litres of the bottled blond Naya beer can be bought from 1 February.

"The intention is that the blond beer of 7% will become a means of communication for the campaign of Welcome Wolf. The label of the bottle mentions our website. At the same time, the non-profit association will receive a small part of the proceeds of the beer. In this way, we can finance the operation of the organisation. The first money we earn with the beer, will go integrally to the costs of the investigation. That way, the beer will haunt the murderer of Naya for some time to come," Loos added.

"We're not allowed to get too close to the competitors in regards to the label, so a paw print seemed ideal to us. It's accurate down to the last detail, I even asked the illustrator to make the nails sharper, otherwise it would look too hard on a dog's paw," he said, reports Het Laatste Nieuws.

From Monday 27 January, Naya beer can be ordered from brewery De Logt via or The beer costs €53.6 for 24 bottles of 33 cl.

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