Brexit poll: 53% of Brits now want to remain in the EU

Brexit poll: 53% of Brits now want to remain in the EU
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Various polls suggest that 53% of Britons would prefer to remain in the EU, a political analyst at the University of Strathclyde said on Friday as the UK set about living its last day as an EU Member State.

The polls show that, as in the past two years, the “No” vote would win if a new referendum were to be held on Brexit today, political scientist John Curtice explained in a BBC article.

In 2016, 52% of Britons voted in favour of their country’s withdrawal from the EU, although a majority of Scottish and Northern Irish electors voted against it.

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Curtice explained that an analysis of the data from the last six polls at which respondents were asked whether they thought a new referendum should be held showed that an average of 53% would opt to remain in the EU while 47% would choose to leave.

He added that there was no sign of a massive change of heart among pro-Brexit voters.

The increased support for a “No” stems at least in part from the fact that people who did not vote in 2016, partly because they were then minors, would be twice as likely to vote “Remain” today, the analyst said.

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