1000 people take part in Brussels march in support of the people of North Kivu

1000 people take part in Brussels march in support of the people of North Kivu
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Around 1,050 people marched in Brussels on Saturday in support of the people living in North-Kivu, in the eastern province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), currently under siege by the M23 rebel group.

The protesters condemned what they termed a ‘genocidal’ situation. They criticised the alleged support of some Western powers for Rwanda, who they accuse of backing the M23 group.

The crowd gathered at Patrice Lumumba Square at 1 pm, and moved on to Luxembourg Square, holding signs “Stop genocide in Congo” and “We are killed for our riches” were held.

The demonstration was organised by the Congolese diaspora in Brussels. It aimed to denounce alleged support for Rwanda from the United States, France, and England. Protesters also condemned the military presence of neighbouring Burundi, and Uganda in the DRC.

The east of DRC, particularly the province of North-Kivu, is a battle ground between the predominantly Tutsi M23 rebels, that Rwanda is accused of supporting, and the Congolese armed forces. The conflict has lasted for years, but has now intensified.

“For nearly thirty years, a genocide has been taking place in Congo, enacted by a systematic approach set up by different powers and their armies – starting with Rwanda – aiming to displace Congolese from their land to exploit the minerals present in the DRC,”said Evariste Otshudi, one of the organisers. “We have assembled today to demand an end to this war and call on Western powers to take a stand against the power in Kigali.” he added.

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