Rage Against the Machine skips Belgium on European tour

Rage Against the Machine skips Belgium on European tour
Credit: Belga

American rockers Rage Against the Machine will not be passing through Belgium on their 2020 tour, but fans might still have a chance to see them if they’re willing to travel a bit. 

The band – perhaps most famous for Killing in the Name and the subsequent expletives – will arrive in Europe at the end of August, but currently have no Belgian date listed. 

So far, that band has said it will play at the Leeds and Reading Festivals, then will chain six shows in Paris, Ireland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and Austria as part of the 2020 tour.

This news, however, has not been enough to stop fans speculating that there is still a chance the band could arrive during Belgium’s active festival season.

The Instagram post above – along with a gap between the last American and first European dates – continues to spark predictions from a number of music writers that the band could end up playing a Belgian summer festival

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times


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