Brussels has the highest number of singles in Belgium

Brussels has the highest number of singles in Belgium
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Brussels is home to the three municipalities with the highest number of singles, according to new data published Wednesday.

The Brussels municipality of Ixelles has the highest number of single persons with 62%. It is followed by two other Brussels municipalities: Etterbeek and Saint-Gilles with 54% each.

As a whole, Belgium has 2.2 million single and single-parent households, over half a million more than 20 years ago

Single people and single-parent families are two categories that together represent 45% of households in our country, according to figures by Statbel, the Belgian statistics office, based on population data as of 1 January 2019.

In 2019, Belgium had 4,948,398 households, the statistics show. Among them, 1,718,738 were one-person households. Single persons represent 34.7% of the total, and 489,175 single-parent families account for 9.9%.

In absolute numbers, this is a dramatic increase compared to 20 years ago, where 39% consisted of single individuals and lone-parent families, meaning a growth of 543,988 units in 20 years.

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