'New Belgian elections not the solution,' Coens says

'New Belgian elections not the solution,' Coens says
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New elections would not be the solution, Joachim Coens from the Flemish Christian Democrats said in VRT's De Ochtend’s show.

The party spent Valentine's Day with a hangover, while Koen Geens had to throw in the towel as informer after Paul Magnette's statements on his refusal to step into a PS-N-VA government. "When it was time to kiss, he fled," Coens exclaimed.

There is great disappointment with the Socialist Party: The confidence has been ruined. We do not wish to go any further, to try again.”

"We have to think things out this weekend. Several options remain on the table. This country needs a budget, and the challenges are enormous."

New elections would offer the solution to the Christian Democrats. "The people made their choice in May. Politicians must now work with the cards that have been dealt. New elections are not a solution," Coens concluded.

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