Most romantic proposal on the Brussels metro ever

Most romantic proposal on the Brussels metro ever
Julie, taken in by the music, shoots her own version of the event © Musevent

Passengers on the metro from Stockel were yesterday allowed to attend not only a surprise musical event, but also what has been described as the most romantic marriage proposal ever on the Brussels Metro.

The video of the event was posted on Facebook by Musevent, a group of musicians who provide live music at clients’ events.

In the video, we see passengers embark on the metro at Stockel, the terminal station noted for its murals of the work of Hergé. Among them is a friend of Julie, the target of the surprise.

Also present, a whole group of musicians from Musevent, most with their instruments hidden about their person, apart from one cellist and one guitarist – in any case a common and not always welcome sight in the metro.

At one point, Julie herself boards the train, and sits beside her friend who is in on the gag. The impromptu band begins to play the song Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur. Julie is none the wiser, and points out that it is “their song” of her and her boyfriend Jérémy who, spoiler alert, is behind the whole event.

By this time, the scattered musicians have turned into a veritable orchestra, and it is time for Jérémy to reveal himself. He does so, and gets down on one knee to pop the question.

The video was posted by Musevent here.

Alan Hope

The Brussels Times

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