€1.2 billion needed to renovate Wallonia-Brussels schools

€1.2 billion needed to renovate Wallonia-Brussels schools
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More than a billion euros would be necessary to upgrade the French Community’s school buildings and catch up on two decades of chronic under-investment, reported Le Soir on Monday, quoting an inventory conducted by Minister Frédéric Daerden who is responsible for the well-being of Wallonia-Brussels Education.

110 million a year would be needed to keep the stock which the school buildings of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels constitute (routine maintenance, major maintenance and renovation).

But as of today, only €50 million is allocated to the post, meaning that there is an annual sub-investment of €60 million. Daerden believes that this has been going on for the last 20 years.

So, if we wanted to catch up now on two decades of chronic under-investment, it would cost roughly €1.2 billion.

Daerden says that in the current property stock, the vast majority of the buildings date from before 1965, and less than 16% were built after 1985.

After 25 years of under-investment, we are facing accelerated wear, not counting the growing demands for prevention and control due to higher standards. The Minister holds the axe: "without a strong reaction, there is the risk of closing more or less 40% of the stock within five to ten years. 40% represents 75,000 places, in the official network only."

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