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Ukrainian week in the European Parliament on March 3-5

Ukrainian week in the European Parliament on March 3-5

From 3 to 5 March, a Ukrainian week will take place in the European Parliament in Brussels open to the general public.

The Ukrainian week in the European Parliament will comprise of a series of political discussions and cultural events aimed at promoting Ukraine, its culture and achievements on the path of its political and economic integration with the European Union.

Overview of the events which are open to the public:

3 March, 18.30, Yehudi Menuhin hall in the European Parliament: Concert of prominent Ukrainian pianist Dmytro Sukhovienko 

Dmytro Sukhovienko began playing the piano when he was seven years old, attending the Kyiv Lysenko Special Music School for 19 years with Sofia Dobrzhanska and for five intensive years at the National Kyiv Conservatory with Vsevolod Vorobyov.

In 1995 Sir Yehudy Menuhin gave him a scholarship to study in Switzerland. He obtained further recognition after his participation in the Festival Menuhin in Gstaad in 1996.

The following year, he won 1st Prize at the International Music competition in San Bartolomeo and 2nd Prize at the International Clara Schumann Piano Competition in Düsseldorf.

“It is a name to remember,” Pierre-Petit wrote in Le Figaro in 1998. Philippe Entremont said “Dmytro Sukhovienko is the most promising talent he had heard in the last 30 years”

4 March, at 18.30, Exhibition: "50 inventions bestowed by Ukraine to the world" and a presentation of modern Ukrainian high tech innovations 

The exhibition will be opened with a presentation of modern Ukrainian high tech and industrial innovations.

The Ukrainian Startup Fund will present Ukrainian innovation projects that were recently demonstrated in the Silicon Valley.

A good example that state-supported ecosystem for startups is working in Ukraine. The Ukraine Invest office will guide through the most compatible high-tech industries in Ukraine and name several success stories between innovative EU-Ukraine enterprises.

In dozens of countries, on all continents, from the micro world of genetics to the star trek of space exploration, the genius of Ukrainian people has changed our planet. The artists of Direct 96 followed their trail and created the art project "50 Ukrainian Inventions Bestowed by Ukraine to the World".

5 March, 18.30 Screening Nariman Aliev's movie 'Homeward'

Homeward is a 2019 Ukrainian drama film directed by Nariman Aliev. It was screened at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

For more information and to register for free to the events, please register here until 27 February.

Venue: European Parliament Building (PHS), Yehudi Menuhin hall, 60 rue Wiertz, B-1000, Brussels.

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