French town offers seafront property at amazingly low prices

French town offers seafront property at amazingly low prices
Plage du Gerzit, Plougasnou (WikiMedia Commons)

Dreaming of a coastal escape in Brittany? Your wish might just come true. The picturesque town of Plougasnou is extending an enticing offer: land plots overlooking the sea at remarkably low prices.

Nestled in the serene Finistère department, Plougasnou epitomises tranquillity. But what sets it apart is its recent initiative to make seafront living accessible to all. From a mere €60 per square metre, you could soon be waking up to the breathtaking vistas of the Breton coast from your own home.

Plougasnou, with its modest population of around 3,000, lies approximately 75 kilometres northeast of Brest. Since September 2023, the town has put up 26 plots of land for sale, each promising an affordable seaside lifestyle.

These plots range from 424 to 742 square metres, with prices starting at €25,440. In comparison, the average price per square metre in Belgium stands at €310, data from early 2023 sourced from shows.

However, this opportunity comes with certain conditions. Prospective buyers must commit to making Plougasnou their primary residence for a minimum of ten years, discouraging the purchase of second homes. Additionally, buyers must submit a building permit application within one year of purchase.

The town's strategy is clear: to attract a younger, permanent population and promote homeownership among local households. By offering land at such affordable rates, Plougasnou aims to foster a vibrant community dedicated to making the coastal haven their forever home.

For those yearning for a slice of seaside serenity, Plougasnou's offer presents an irresistible opportunity to build the house of their dreams in an idyllic setting.

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