Coronavirus: Global infection tally rises to 110,000

Coronavirus: Global infection tally rises to 110,000
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The number of new Coronavirus cases worldwide has risen to 110,564 – including over 3,862 fatalities – in 100 countries and territories, according to a tally published by the French news agency AFP, based on official sources, on Monday at about 11:15 AM.

Some 1,532 new infections were reported since Sunday at 6.00 PM; the increase is linked mainly to the growing number of reported cases in Iran, where 595 new cases were announced on Monday.

China (excluding Hong Kong and Macao), where the epidemic broke out, has registered 80,735 cases and 3,119 deaths. Some 40 new infections and 22 new deaths were announced between 6:00 PM on Sunday and 10:00 AM on Monday.

Elsewhere in the world, 29,829 cases – including 1.492 new ones – had been counted by 11.45 a.m. on Monday, and there were 743 deaths, of which 48 were new ones.

The worst affected countries after China are South Korea, with 7,382 cases, 69 of them new, and 51 deaths, Italy (7,375 cases; 366 deaths); Iran (7,161 cases, including 595 new ones, and 237 deaths); and France (1,126 cases; 19 deaths).

Since Sunday at 6:00 PM, new deaths have been registered in China, Iran, South Korea, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, while Albania announced that its first cases of the virus had been diagnosed.

By 11:45 AM on Monday, Asia had registered a cumulative total of 89,892 cases (3,188 deaths), Europe 12,233 cases (410 deaths), Middle East 7,546 cases (243 deaths);United States and Canada, 614 cases and 1 death, and Africa 90 cases (1 death).

The AFP’s tally was based on data collected by the agency’s offices from the relevant national authorities and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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