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  • Tomorrow - Ukraine summit

    The annual EU-Ukraine summit will take place in Kyiv on 3 February.

  • 5 February - Cyprus ballot

    Cypriots will go to the polls to elect a new president.

  • 7 February - Clean energy talks

    EU negotiators meet for another round of talks on the renewable energy directive update.

  • 9 February - Carbon market vote

    MEPs on the environment committee are due to vote on an agreement to update the emissions trading system, which was brokered in December. It is one of the final milestones before it becomes law.

  • 9 February - Buildings vote

    Energy committee MEPs are due to vote on a compromise energy performance of buildings directive.

  • 9 February - Special EUCO

    A special European Council summit is on the cards for 9 and 10 February. Details here.

  • 9 February - RED3

    Energy committee MEPs will consider draft amendments to ongoing efforts to update the EU’s renewable energy law.

  • 14 February - Trucks reform

    The European Commission will propose a reform of heavy vehicle CO2 standards (TBC).

  • 1 March - Look before you cross

    The Commission will publish a new road safety package (TBC).

  • 5 March - Estonia votes

    Estonians will vote on the makeup of a new national parliament.

  • 8 March - Critical materials

    The European Commission will reportedly publish its anticipated Critical Raw Materials Act on 8 March (TBC).

  • 10 March - Anglo-French summit

    French President Emmanuel Macron and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will meet for a France-UK summit on a number of political and policy issues.

  • 14 March - Pill proposal

    The Commission’s pharmaceutical strategy is due to be published.

  • 16 March - Environment summit

    An environment council is scheduled for 16 March. Details here.

  • 23 March - EUCO I

    The first regularly scheduled EUCO summit of the year kicks off on 23 March.

  • 1 April - Greeks vote

    Greece will hold its first national ballot under a new system in the spring, date to be confirmed.

  • 2 April - Finns vote

    Finland organises its general election to vote for a new parliament.

  • 2 April - Bulgaria votes (again)

    Bulgarians will go to the polls for yet another election after political parties failed to put together a working government.

  • 1 May - Latvians vote

    Latvia will vote in May for a new president.

  • 13 May - Eurovision time

    The Eurovision song contest final from Liverpool will be held.

  • 14 May - Turkish elections

    Turks will vote for a new parliament and president.

  • 1 June - EPC meeting II

    The European Political Community’s second-ever meeting will take place in Moldova on 1 June.

  • 21 June - Space and defence

    The Commission’s space and defence package, which will include an EU space strategy, is due to launch on 21 June (TBC).

  • 1 July - Viva Espana

    Sweden will hand over the reins of the EU presidency to Spain.

  • 30 September - Slovakians vote

    Slovakia’s general election will be held (TBC).

  • 31 December - It's coming home

    Spain will hand over the EU presidency to Belgium.

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