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Established in 1965, The Brussels Times is today Belgium’s largest daily news media in English, with over 2 million visits per month.


Our mission statement is to provide expats, foreigners and internationally oriented Belgians with continuous high quality coverage of Belgian news, EU Affairs and opinion pieces.


We have no political affiliation and seek to present the news fair-mindedly and offer a wide range of analysis and opinion pieces.


We also publish The Brussels Times Magazine, which is a bi-monthly magazine focusing on two notable components of Brussels, namely its role as the political capital of Europe as well as an international centre for contemporary art.


The magazine is distributed in the EU institutions, 100+ Embassies and Representations to the EU, inside over 7,000 hotel rooms, and sold in over 300 locations around Belgium.


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Company information

The Brussels Times is headquartered in Avenue Louise 54, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

It is part of BXLCONNECT SRL (Belgian company registration number: 0523 901 948)

Publishers: Jonadav Apelblat and Omry Apelblat
Editors: Orlando Whitehead and Ugo Realfonzo
Magazine Editor: Leo Cendrowicz




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