Coronavirus: South Korea reports second wave of infections

Coronavirus: South Korea reports second wave of infections
Seoul, South Korea.

Despite low numbers of new infections, South Korean health officials believe South Korea is currently experiencing a second coronavirus wave.

Authorities originally predicted a resurgence of the virus in autumn or winter.

This possible second wave started in and around Seoul, the country's capital, which with 51.6 million inhabitants accounts for about half the population.

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While officials are talking about a second wave, only 17 new infections were counted on Sunday, making it the first time since 26 May with fewer than 20 new cases.

Clusters of new cases were growing since May, when the country relaxed its lockdown measures. The new cases included outbreaks in Seoul night clubs.

Seoul mayor Park Won-Soon will tighten measures again if over thirty new cases occur three days in a row.

The total number of infections in South Korea is currently 12,438 for 280 deaths.

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