Coronavirus: At least 11 Belgians in affected regions of China
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    Coronavirus: At least 11 Belgians in affected regions of China

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    Belgium’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed that at least 11 Belgians are currently in Chinese regions affected by the Coronavirus.

    These are people who have registered with the Belgian Embassy, a consulate or the Foreign Ministry’s ad hoc site. The Embassy in China has contacted them all via email, the Foreign Ministry stated on Friday.

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    “We are monitoring the situation and have called upon our compatriots to be careful, to avoid animal markets, live or dead animals, the consumption of raw meat and contact with sick persons,” the Embassy said. It also called on all concerned to keep their hands clean and consult a doctor at the least sign of illness such as fever or difficulty breathing.

    “The situation is evolving fast,” the Embassy added. “We advise all persons going to China to follow the instructions of the local authorities and the World Health Organisation.”

    The Foreign Ministry has updated its travel advisory for China: non-essential travel to Hubei Province is temporarily not recommended. Belgians may travel elsewhere in the country but must take the usual precautions.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times