Coronavirus: Molenbeek's MIMA museum crowdfunds €15,000

Coronavirus: Molenbeek's MIMA museum crowdfunds €15,000
MIMA will continue its crowdfunding campaign and donate part of the proceeds to CHU Saint-Pierre. Credit: Belga

The MIMA Museum in Molenbeek has raised €15,000 to tackle the new coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis through the use of crowdfunding, and has pledged to donate a significant part of the proceeds to CHU Saint-Pierre.

MIMA, the Museum for Contemporary Art, has lost a significant amount of revenue due to the coronavirus crisis. The museum derives 50% of its funding from ticket sales, but due to the government's far-reaching measures, the museum has had to close for the time being.

"This sum will help us for three to four weeks," said Michel De Launoit, co-founder of MIMA. "If the closure is to continue in May and June and we can't count on tourists coming, we're going to have to invent other things to put in place. We are looking for solutions on a daily basis."

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MIMA launched its crowdfunding campaign as soon as it became clear that museums would be forced to close until at least April. Contributors all received one-year tickets for an exhibition of their choice and, depending on the pledge (ranging from €15 to €250), they received goodies such as the catalogue, cotton bags or sweaters with the museum's logo on them.

As the museum has reached the initial goal of €15,000, they have decided to keep the crowdfunding campaign open until 14 April, striving for 150% of the original goal. On all pledges made after the initial goal was reached, MIMA will donate half of the proceeds to CHU Saint-Pierre. The university hospital had launched a call for donations on 19 March as they need additional equipment including ventilators.

The coronavirus has taken a big toll on the cultural industry in Belgium. It was recently estimated that over 10,000 cultural events in Belgium have been cancelled due to the virus and the far-reaching measures that have been taken to combat it.

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