CinéAct calls on the City of Brussels to uphold ABC Cinema lease
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    CinéAct calls on the City of Brussels to uphold ABC Cinema lease

    On Wednesday, the CinéAct foundation announced that on Friday the Brussels magistrate decided not to recognize the validity of the commercial lease for the ABC cinema on Adolphe Max Boulevard. The heirs of the former owner have already sold the building to a developer. CinéAct asked the City of Brussels to uphold the agreement that it had with the former owner of the ABC Cinema. The judge did not dispute the negotiations that took place before the death of the former owner, and confirmed that the occupation of the former ABC cinema by the CinéAct foundation was not without title or right. However, he did point out the lack of a final agreement essential to a commercial lease. CinéAct officials will consult with their lawyer, but do not think that they will appeal the decision.

    Lawrence Tenzer, a CinéAct founding member, announced that a contract ​​with the new owner will be drawn up: “If the new owner wants to use the building for anything other than showing movies then he must apply for a permit. During Nuit Blanche, a petition was launched to ask the City to save the cultural appropriation of the building. “More than 600 signatures have been collected, including 400 on Saturday night. The project brought in 60,000 euros in over 650 donations.

    “We want to argue that cultural activities should continue to take place, even if we are not the ones using this typical 70’s theater.  Nuit Blanche was nostalgically interested in disappearing theaters. Here is a specific case of a theater that should be saved,” continued Tenzer.

    CinéAct still participated in Nuit Blanche by moving its projectors in front of the ABC theater.

    Lorraine Thomson (Source: Belga)