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    Rare 18kg meteorite returns to Museum of Natural Science

    An 18kg meteorite, collected in Antarctica, was displayed for a few days at the Museum of Natural Science in Brussels before being sent to Japan for the benefit of research. The huge alien rock is now permanently displayed once again at the Museum of Natural Science in the “250 Years of Natural Science” exhibition room. This meteorite was found by a team of five Belgian scientists (VUB and ULB) and three Japanese researchers on the field of blue ice in Nansen, Antarctica during the 2012-2013 austral summer. The mission, funded by the Belgian Science Policy and the Japanese National Institute of Polar Research, collected 425 meteorites.

    The meteorite on display at the Museum of Natural Sciences is, according to Belgian researchers, the largest meteorite collected in 25 years in East Antarctica, and the fifth largest of more than 16,000 meteorites found in this part of Antarctica. The huge rock probably originated in the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter.

    Maria Nowak (Source: Belga)