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    The American pianist Joseph Alfidi dies in Brussels


    The former child music prodigy Joseph Alfidi died in Brussels on Monday, following a long illness. The announcement was made by his trusted friend Georges Blau-Turner. He was 66 years old. A composer and conductor, Joseph Alfidi had lived in Belgium for a long time and taught piano at the Liège Royal Conservatory. “He led the Miami Symphonic orchestra and the New York Philharmonic orchestra. Following an intervention by Queen Elizabeth, he studied music in Belgium at the Brussels Conservatory and the Queen Elizabeth music chapel”, said Georges Blau-Turner in a press release on Monday evening.

    In 1972, he entered the famous Queen Elizabeth contest, where he won third prize. Born in New York, the young Joseph or “Joey” Alfidi became a young prodigy in the 50s. He appeared on television shows, and was known for leading the Miami Symphonic orchestra at just 6 years old.

    It was Queen Elizabeth herself who later insisted that the young musician move to Belgium, after going to one of his concerts in Brussels. 

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)