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    Gordel Festival attracts 16,000 people


    The fourth Gordel Festival attracted 16,000 people on Sunday, which the organisers said was 3,000 less than last year. It’s organised by the Rand association, Sport Vlaanderen and the Flemish Brabant province. They thought Sunday morning’s weather kept some potential participants away. There were no incidents, save Flemish MP Gert Bourgeois’ (New Flemish Alliance) small fall.

    The organisers teamed up with the organisers of the 100 kilometre bike ride, which they had distanced themselves from during the last State reform. They did so to highlight the Flemish culture and lush green aspect of the area.

    Gordel Festival included a range of sports and family activities (aikido, hockey, Children’s village, jousting tournament, music concert…) in the provincial domain of Huizingen. There was a big focus on the Festival’s second principal meeting point in Overijse this year, in particular Jezus-Eik in the Soignes Forest. There was a gladiator competition, an adventure playground for children and all terrain walks and bike rides.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)