Brussels ranked high in the first European Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor
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    Brussels ranked high in the first European Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor

    The European Commission published its first “Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor” on Thursday. It shows the results achieved by 168 selected cities in 30 European countries (EU28, plus Norway and Switzerland) in terms of cultural dynamism, creative economy and suitable environment. In Belgium, the city of Louvain had the highest scores. Brussels and Ghent also ranked well.

    This monitor takes into account 29 indicators, divided into 9 categories. The objective is to identify cultural and creative assets and to measure their value and impact in a systematic and comparable way across Europe. This monitor should also help decision-makers to identify the strengths of their cities, compare them with others and learn from them.

    A total of 168 cities have been chosen. Belgium, Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels and Mons were considered as the oldest European capitals of culture. Ghent is also listed as a creative city recognised by Unesco. Finally, Louvain, Liège, Namur and Ostend have also been included as cities hosting at least two international cultural festivals.

    On the basis of the selected indicators, the Commission has established a specific profile for each city. The cities of Paris, Cork, Glasgow, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Copenhagen and Umeå (Sweden) had the highest scores.

    With regard to Belgium, Leuven ranked highest, especially in terms of human capital and education. Brussels and Ghent also achieved good results. The Brussels region scores well for new jobs created in the creative sectors. Ghent is highlighted for its cultural dynamism.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times