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    Belgian adventurer missing in France


    The Belgian extreme sportsman and stuntman Marc Sluszny has been reported missing during a diving trip in France. Sluszny’s disappearance in the area of Perpignan has been conformed by the federal foreign affairs ministry, which is in contact with his family in Antwerp.

    According to local sources, Sluszny and a partner had set off to complete a 125m dive in the gulf of Font d’Estramar on Thursday. The pair got into difficulties, and the partner was able to come to the surface to alert the emergency services. The emergency line joining the two had become broken.

    Sluszny was not at that time recovered, and rescue operations were suspended on Thursday night, only to be resumed on Friday.

    Sluszny became known as a member of the Belgian Davis Cup tennis team, and as a fencer. He later branched out into extreme sports, swimming the Channel, bungee-jumping from a hot-air balloon and climbing Annapurna without oxygen.

    In 2012, suspended by a rope, he ran upside-down up the Belgacom tower in the North station district, from bottom to top, a distance of around 100m, in 15.5 seconds.

    Alan Hope
    The Brussels Times