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    Walloon Molon wins djote-eating contest

    © Belga
    The victorious M. Jacquet
    © Belga

    A member of a Walloon folklore group known as the Molons has won the title of the best eater of djote, held for the first time at the weekend. Djote is a speciality of Namur, consisting of mashed potatoes and cabbage, usually accompanied by a sausage. Christian Jacquet took the title by consuming no less than 1.938 kilos of the dish in 20 minutes, 200g more than his closest competitor.

    “I did it for the honour of the Molons,” he told the Belga news agency after his victory. The Molons are a Walloon folkloric group, an association of 40 members established in 1843, and claiming to be the oldest folklore group in the region. They dress in fancy costumes, sing traditional Walloon songs and contribute to charity on behalf of the poor of Wallonia.

    “On Friday I had a stomachache, but I felt better today, and here I am,” he told a reporter. Victory was always in his mind. “I don’t do things for no reason, and I was clear in my intention to win. I know I eat like an ogre, and if nobody stops me I wouldn’t give up. Still, it was a bit of a job swallowing all that.”

    Despite his protestations, a video of the event shows he only stopped eating when the 20 minutes had been counted down by a delighted crowd of supporters.

    Alan Hope
    The Brussels Times