Why have the Stella Artois bottles gone green?

Why have the Stella Artois bottles gone green?
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The brown bottles of Stella Artois, a staple in Belgian bars, have begun switching to green across the country as the Belgian brewery updates its look.

While the rest of the world has known the Leuven brewed beer in Green bottles, the Belgian market has always had brown ones, but not any more.

"We want to give the beer the 'looks' it deserves because Stella Artois is the best Belgian lager," said spokesman Lore Stuyck to VRT. "We also want to differentiate the beer from the other beers on the Belgian market. These are often in brown bottles, which is why we opt for a green bottle. That's more exclusive and fits better with the image of the beer".

Owner Ab Inbev has assured customers that prices for the beer will remain stable, and the content of the beer remains the same.

"What's important with any beer is that you keep it correctly. If you keep it cool and in the dark, the quality is guaranteed at all times. This applies to both the green and brown bottles".

The brown Stella bottles, however, may get a new life. They are now entering the reusable circuit to be used by other breweries.

Jules Johnston

The Brussels Times

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