Around 300 ravers defy government coronavirus advice

Around 300 ravers defy government coronavirus advice
Credit: Belga

Some 300 persons attended a rave party in Tenneville, Luxembourg Province, on Saturday night, despite a ban on gatherings aimed at containing the spread of the novel Coronavirus, the local press reported.

The revellers partied in an abandoned building on the N89, close to the Idelux industrial landfill. Police from the Famenne-Ardenne, Centre-Ardenne and Semois-et-Lesse zones together with federal police agents swooped down on the building and broke up the party. According to local press reports, there were no incidents.

The Governor of Luxembourg Province, Olivier Schmitz, said in a message published on Sunday on social media that he was “particularly disappointed and shocked” by the behaviour of some persons. “In addition to being illegal and subject to heavy fines, even prison terms, this type of totally irresponsible attitude shows a lack of respect for all persons who suffer from these measures, but apply them all the same,” he noted.

The office of the Governor did not mention any other incident over the weekend. “Fortunately, there have been very few offences,” Schmitz said. “The people of Luxembourg have taken the measure of the challenge facing us. I welcome all good civic initiatives that have sprung up all over our province,” he added.

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