Belgians research loss of taste as coronavirus symptom

Belgians research loss of taste as coronavirus symptom
Participants were tested from their cars. Credit: Belga

The researchers at the University of Mons whose recent study found a possible link between the new coronavirus (Covid-19) and the loss of taste and smell have moved to phase two of their research.

Volunteers with recent anosmia (loss of taste) were screened with nasal swabs on Monday in the car park of the Epicura hospital near the Walloon city of Mons. Participants remained in their cars for the testing. All volunteers had anosmia as the only coronavirus symptom and had answered a questionnaire posted on the site of the University of Mons as part of the study.

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The screening aimed to confirm whether these patients were indeed affected by the coronavirus and thus establish the definitive link between the disease and the ENT symptoms of loss of smell and taste.

"Two more screening sessions are scheduled this week at the CHU Marie Curie in Charleroi and at a partner hospital in Brussels," said Sven Saussez, one of the two researchers in charge. "We want to reach a corpus of 100 patients screened in this phase. The results are expected at the beginning of next week."

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