Easter Bunny has 'an essential profession,' says Marc Van Ranst

Easter Bunny has 'an essential profession,' says Marc Van Ranst
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The Easter Bunny will still be allowed to hide chocolate eggs in gardens this weekend, despite the new coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis, as he has "an essential profession," according to virologist Marc Van Ranst.

"The police are aware of this, and will certainly not disturb the Easter Bunnies during their work," said Van Ranst on national Radio. "We have been discussing it all day, but the decision was unanimous: this is an essential profession," he added.

Translation: "Easter bunnies will still carry out their work, because this is an essential profession. But, as a precaution, the Easter Bunny is not going to visit Grandma and Grandpa this year."

The Easter bells, which are said to fly to Belgium from Rome to deliver coloured eggs and chocolate, are also allowed to do their jobs, said Van Ranst.

They will have to fly over the Mediterranean Sea and France, to avoid flying over northern Italy. "The flight plans have already been approved. It will be alright," he tweeted.

Translation: "I maintain good contacts with Rome, and I am asked to convey the message that the bells will come at Easter, but that because of the coronavirus conditions, the chocolate supply was somewhat compromised, and that the bells will NOT come to the grandparents."

Both the Easter Bunny and the bells will not visit grandparents' gardens this year, Van Ranst stressed, as "there may be some problems with the production of chocolate" because of the coronavirus crisis this year, so it is a possibility that there aren't as many Easter eggs as other years.

Maïthé Chini

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