University dismisses professor who greeted police with Nazi salute

University dismisses professor who greeted police with Nazi salute
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The University of Ghent (UGent) has decided to dismiss a professor and an assistant lecturer from the Department of Communication Sciences who offended police officers during a livestream with students, and flouted social distancing measures, UGent and local police reported on Sunday.

In the video, the two can be seen refusing to cooperate with the police, and verbally abusing the officers, including shouting Sieg Heil at them, and repeatedly saying of welcome to Nazi Germany.

The two academics had held a session for students at the home of one of them, live streaming it on the Internet on the night of Friday to Saturday. After receiving the complaint, the police went to the scene at about 1:30 AM However, filming continued throughout the police visit, which lasted about 20 minutes.

Initially, there were two police officers, but after one of the academics refused to produce his identity card, reinforcements were sent in and, at one point, there were eight law enforcers on the scene.

The two individuals also violated the social-distancing measures implemented at the university in a bid to contain the spread of the novel Coronavirus since one of them was in a location that was not his home.

Local police confirmed that an official report was made on the incident.

"We were notified on Saturday of the fact that the questionable Livestream was being set up. The Rector imposed a disciplinary measure on the same day on both parties, as a precaution and pending investigation into the substance," the University said in a statement. "The disciplinary measure means that both parties involved can no longer carry out teaching or teaching activities for Ghent University with immediate effect. "

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