Coronavirus: Belgium's infection rate is decreasing

Coronavirus: Belgium's infection rate is decreasing
Credit: Belga

It is unlikely there will be another peak of coronavirus infections in the coming days, as the virus' infection rate shows signs of decreasing, according to country experts.

"Today, in Belgium, a new infected person infects about 0.8 people, that is to say less than one person," said spokesperson Emmanuel André at the daily press briefing of the Crisis Centre and the FPS Public Health on Friday.

"This is proof that the measures taken are having an effect on this epidemic. The closer we get to zero, the more we will regain control," he said.

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That said, Belgians must remain cautious. "We don't think we'll have another peak in the coming days," André said, but "we know that what we do today has an impact two weeks later," he warned. 

Belgium currently counts 36,138 confirmed cases of coronavirus, including those who have recovered or passed away from the virus.

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