Lockdown: do you still eat the same?

Lockdown: do you still eat the same?

A new study by the University of Antwerp is seeking to find out if the coronavirus crisis has changed eating and cooking habits. 

The study - launched by PhD students at UA aims to map out the similarities and differences between what we cook and eat, and the possible impact of various media in light of the current situation. 

Belgium has been on lockdown for over a month, meaning restaurants, cafes and bars have sat empty. As with the rest of the world, social media has been flooded with amateur chefs attempting new creations, for better or worse - with endless results on the hashtag #bread a decent measure. 

"We, therefore, think it's interesting to map out the changes in our purchasing behaviour with regard to food, our cooking and eating behaviour and how we allow ourselves to be influenced by the various media," Professor of Communication Sciences Charlotte De Backer told VRT

The survey - which can be filled out in English here - covers topics from before and after the crisis. The questions range from employment to house composition, mental health, and ultimately food. 

Participants in the study will not receive compensation, however, €1 will be donated per completed survey to the Global FoodBanking Network, who want donations to help people in need of food worldwide.

Jules Johnston

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