'There will be checks and fines' in public transport

'There will be checks and fines' in public transport
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From 4 May, the wearing of a face mask will be mandatory, both in trains and metro wagons as well as in stations and at stops, the National Security Council declared on Friday.

In addition, not everyone will be allowed to use public transportation.

"From 4 May, it is people who must go to work or who must go to a doctor’s appointment. From 11 May, it will be authorized to go to the shops and, and  from 18 May to go to schools. Teleworking remains more than recommended, as well as not moving around unnecessarily," Belgium’s Mobility Minister François Bellot said on Sunday’s "C'est pas tous les jours dimanche" edition screened on RTL-TVi.

The fines handed out for breaching confinement rules are set at 250 euros, and could be given to those breaking the rules imposed by the government such as not wearing a mask in public transport.

"We have to be very clear on this. If commuters break the rules, it will of course be necessary for staff to report it and for police to be able to send fines," warned Bellot.

"We are counting on good civility and for people to take responsibility, but there will be checks by police and Securail," Bellot added.

"The Mobility Ministers and heads of public organisations have met several times and called for clear rules. The clear rule is the obligation to wear a mask or scarf that covers the mouth and nose."

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