Over one in five francophone students dropped out amid lockdown
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    Over one in five francophone students dropped out amid lockdown

    Credit: Belga

    More than one in five francophone students have dropped out of higher education because of the lockdown, La Libre Belgique reported on Friday.

    A survey conducted by the Federation of Francophone Students (FEF) revealed that 21% of respondents enrolled in higher education, 25% of academics and 26% of art students dropped out during confinement. The FEF collected 6,300 testimonies for the survey.

    Overall, that brings the average of the dropouts across those three categories to 22%.

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    Just over one in three students (35%) received details of the exams on time – by 27 April – according to the FEF.

    “But receiving details does not always reassure,” said FEF President Chems Mabrouk. For 84.5% of the respondents, the information they received about exams caused additional stress.

    57% mentioned stress over the timing of exams, 48% worried about being questioned at home, and 46% expressed concerns over having to answer a multiple-choice questionnaire without being able to go back to previous answers.

    Besides that, 43% were concerned about the absence of a teacher to answer possible questions, and 35% expressed a fear of technical or connection problems (35%).

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