How getting a haircut will work from Monday

How getting a haircut will work from Monday
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Hairdressers are allowed to reopen from Monday 18 May, but staff and clients have to wear a face mask. How will that work?

Belgium's National Security Council decided on Wednesday that professions that require a lot of contact with the clients, such as hairdressers, can restart work from Monday, under strict conditions.

"The hairdressers and the clients have to wear a face mask, or mouth-nose protection, and respect the social distance as much as possible," Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès said during the press conference.

"Hairdressers always have to wear a mask, and clients as much as possible," Federal Minister for Public Health Maggie De Block told VRT NWS, adding that this meant when entering and leaving the shop. "This is not always possible during the hair cut, of course, or we would end up with a very special post-corona hairdo, I think," she added.

Hairdressers can only work by appointment. "Clients have to come on time. If they are too early, they have to wait outside," De Block said. "Clients will not be allowed to go to the toilet either, and magazines or drinks should not be offered," she added.

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The hairdressers' salons must be well ventilated, and the social distance of 1.5 meters between clients has to be respected at all times.

Many hairdressers are eager to reopen, but the sector is still waiting for the Ministerial Decree, which is set to be amended on Thursday, to see the full legal text. In the meantime, they are looking into alternative solutions, such as attaching the mask to the jaws of clients with tape, they told VRT.

Hairdressers will also be able to consult guidelines, which will include measures on cleaning mirrors and disinfecting materials, among other things.

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