Police break up crowds at Belgium's first Dunkin' opening

Police break up crowds at Belgium's first Dunkin' opening
The doughnut and coffee chain currently has 22 branches in the Netherlands. Credit: wikipedia

The opening of Belgium's first Dunkin' at 7:00 AM on Wednesday morning has already required police intervention after hundreds of people gathered outside of the store in Antwerp. 

Following the announcement that the first hundred customers would receive a free box of doughnuts every week for one year, hundreds of customers had already lined up at 8:30 PM on Tuesday to await the opening, according to reports.

Initially, those interested were encouraged to camp in an orderly fashion on the De Keyserlei under the eyes of specifically hired security, however, as the evening went on police ultimately had to send people home for breaking the ban on gatherings. 

The first hundred still received their vouchers for free doughnuts Tuesday night, marking the end of the promotion,  but by 5:30 AM on Wednesday morning the queue had formed again. 

A Belgian Dozen

The new premises on De Keyserlei in Antwerp is the latest opening of the American chain, which boasts thousands of branches worldwide. The intention is to open dozens of branches in our country in the coming years.

“We know that the demand here is high. At the opening in Breda there were already a lot of Belgians”, said Roberto Fava, managing manager of Dunkin 'Nederland and Belgium. “Those who are not among the first hundred will also receive something. Everyone who downloads the app and logs in receives a free donut and drink. ”

New doughnuts specifically for the Belgian market include a version decorated with the Belgian flag, a praline doughnut and a butter wafer doughnut, with a full "Antwerp range" expected later this year. 

Jules Johnston 
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