Belgium drastically tightens social contact rules

Belgium drastically tightens social contact rules
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Belgium's National Security Council (NSC) moved to drastically scale back social contacts within the population, slashing the so-called social bubbles to five people, down from the current 15.

Each household is set to be allowed to see no more than five people over the course of the next four weeks, according to reports in Belgian media.

Children are not to be included in those numbers, but the decision signals that leaders at the NSC meeting did not shy away from taking radical steps to halt surging coronavirus cases across the country.

Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès is set to hold a press conference at 3:45 PM to announce the remaining set of measures after a morning of talks on potential local lockdowns, events and social contacts.

Additional reports ahead of the press conference also suggest that leaders may announce an additional social bubble for outdoor activities which could include up to ten people, VRT reports.

The reduction of the social bubbles follows increased calls from experts and government representatives for people to reduce their contacts with others, as the government scrambles to stave off a new wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

Gabriela Galindo

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