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    Crazed killer simulation in La Hulpe

    Police in the Mazerine area along with the La Hulpe Brabant Walloon ambulance service organized an ‘Amok’ exercise on Friday. ‘Amok’ is a Malay term for a deadly attack in which an individual attacks a group of people, with no provocation, in order to kill them. Fifty people participated in this simulation. The exercise was to simulate the presence of a crazed killer who decides to attack dozens of civilians in a large building in La Hulpe. “This simulation allowed us to test 1-0-0 calling procedures as well as police intervention techniques (neutralizing the suspect, searching buildings, casualty evacuation …),” said a spokesperson for the Mazerine police. The exercise took place from 8:30 to 11:00.

    Jonathan Morrisson (Source: Belga)