Professor sit-in at the Bracops Lambert Anderlecht athenaeum
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    Professor sit-in at the Bracops Lambert Anderlecht athenaeum

    Professors from the Bracops Lambert Anderlecht athenaeum suddenly stopped working Tuesday morning after learning of the new course schedules, announced Valérie De Nayer, Secretary General to the CSPF-Education for the Brussels Region. Another sit-in has been announced for Friday. “This is an attempt to prevent the scheduling department from making any changes to the schedule,” said Valérie De Nayer.

    She also reported that the coach appointed to the prefect in question, through the Anderlecht action plan, has left his post. “He told us he was throwing in the towel, because his mission was impossible given the negative atmosphere within the school. This means that the action plan has fallen through.”

    The assistant principal has already assumed office. Valérie De Nayer recalls that “the dual principal approach had already been implemented in the past and failed.”

    The municipality presented an action plan in June that consisted of hiring a second headmaster and designating a staff coach to the disparaged prefect.  In a joint union front CSPF-CSC-SLFP went on strike for two days, September 25th and Monday. Following the latter,the town has decided to carry out an analysis of psychosocial care within the facility in November.

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)