A new criminal biker gang is looking for a “club-house” in Belgium
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    A new criminal biker gang is looking for a “club-house” in Belgium

    The police are worried a new war between criminal biker gangs could break out in Belgium. The MC Mongols, who according to the FBI are as dangerous as the Hells Angels, have indeed arrived in the country and are searching for places to set up their operations, the Sunday Het Nieuwsblad said. Rumours of the biker gang’s arrival in Belgium first started a year ago. In 2013, the MC Mongols established themselves in Bremen, Germany, their first European base.

    They arrived in our country recently, setting up in Ath (Hainaut) where they quickly got a bad reputation. However, according to the Flemish newspaper, the gang doesn’t want to stop there, and aims to make their presence known in Belgium. The MC Mongols have announced the creation of a new ‘chapter’ in Liège.

    Up to now, six dangerous biker gangs had been fighting for control over territory here. Now there are seven.

    “They are looking for a permanent base, a club-house”, explain the police. While doing this, they often bump into other biker gangs, and violent fights break out. Law enforcement are worried it will turn into an all-out war.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)