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    The Walloon region gets rid of certain tax advantages


    On Friday, the newspaper l’Echo described the different accompanying budget measures that make up the decree-program project, submitted to Parliament by the Walloon government. It concerns service-vouchers that have been made less advantageous, the end of the eco-bonus for electric vehicles and an eco-penalty put in place for vehicles bought by companies.

    The deductibility of service-vouchers (currently 30%) will do down by two thirds. For electric vehicles, the 2,500 euro tax rebate for the buyer will disappear.  The tax system also plans a new additional regional tax on legal persons, a measure described as neutral for the tax payer. It’s a transfer of tax that up to now went to the federation. The project also reviews the fall in the housing bonus and confirms a series of taxes already applied (capture of rain water, taxes on masts, pylons and antennas).

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)