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    No data compromised at Belgocontrol


    Rex Mundi, a group of hackers specialising in Internet blackmail, and who attacked EasyPay Group’s database, has not had access to Belgocontrol data, said the Belgian airspace manager in response to some press articles, on Wednesday. “The hackers got hold of several Belgocontrol employee passwords, but they weren’t passwords which would give the hackers access to Belgocontrol data. We changed them immediately, nonetheless.” The hackers stole 32,000 Belgocontrol workers’, CGSP and CSC members’ email addresses and passwords, and sold them for 30 euros.

    “The passwords, belonging to three employees, granted access to the website containing practical EasyPay Group information, enabling the users to, among other things, install updates, search the FAQs and look up general socio-legal information. No Belgocontrol data is stored on the EasyPay Group system. It’s all kept on systems that hackers cannot break into with stolen passwords,” said Belgocontrol.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)