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    A twelfth Belgian Book Fair, power is the theme


    There will be a twelfth Belgian Book Fair, dedicated to all types of books by Belgian authors. It will take place from Friday evening to Sunday at the Centre culturel at Uccle, in Brussels. The subject for this year’s event will be “power”, the organizers said on Thursday. It will be taken in a global sense, from “power of the table” to “the power of image, humour, art”. It may also lead to references to the Great war. “This twelfth Belgian book fair will be an opportunity to promote literature, power, memory, passing on knowledge and experience. It will also be a chance to make people dream, discover, feel, and laugh”, says Jacqueline Rousseaux, the event’s president.

    During the fair, there will be dedications, interviews, speeches as well as stands available to the public, as well as “thousands of books”. The event is free, and will give the floor to more than 80 Belgian authors. There will be romance writers, comic book illustrators, essayists and children’s authors present.

    The first evening, Friday, will be dedicated to literary prize-winners. Different award-winning authors from this year will be speaking, among them Bernard Hislaire, Thomas Depryck and Alain Van Crugten. The Cognito prize, awarded to the best historical comic by a Belgian story writer or artist, will also be given out during the opening.This year, iIt has been awarded to “Les larmes du Seigneur Afghan” by Pascal Bourgaux, Campi and Zabus.

    From the comic book world, Jean Van Hamme and Yves Sente will be among the big names taking part in the dedications. Jean-Luc Fonck, Jacques Mercier, Vincent Engel, Xavier Magnée and many others will be interviewed.

    Andy Sanchez (Source:Belga)