The reduction in the distribution of French-language tabloids continues
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    The reduction in the distribution of French-language tabloids continues

    The reduction in distribution of French-language press (paper and digital) you pay for has continued for a third trimester, based on data for a year. This is according to figures from the Media Information Center (Centre d’Information sur les Médias (CIM) released on Friday. The total measurable distribution –essentially based on sales figures – of French-speaking tabloids has fallen by 6,92% for the third trimester, to 448,696 readers.

    L’Echo has seen the biggest fall in distribution of its edition printed during this period (12,87%), followed by La Dernière Heure ( -9,06%), Le Soir (-8,61%), and La Libre Belgique (-5,96%). Sudpresse is still the leader, with 94,827 readers and despite a fall of 2,92%. L’Avenir has seen a fall of 3,44% for the third trimester.

    If we take into account the diffusion of newspapers you pay for (paper and digital) for the third trimester, Le Soir has seen the biggest fall (-7,66%). It’s followed by La Dernière Heure (-7,47%), La Libre Belgique (-4,33%), L’Echo (-2,99%), and l’Avenir (-1,99%).

    The overall distribution of French-language weeklies and bi-weeklies has seen the same trend in the third trimester, with a fall of 1,87%, say the CIM. Public and Flair have seen the biggest falls, with respectively -20,25% and -15,97%, followed by Point de Vue (-8,39%), Télé Star (-8,09%), Ciné Télé Revue (-7,04%). The latter remains the leader, with 245.819 readers. There is also Moustique (-6,90%) and Femmes d’Aujourd’Hui (-5,45%).

    Paris Match fell by 8,17% for this period. The diffusion of Télépro has fallen by 3,59%. Vif/L’Express fell by 2,30%, and Spirou by 5,66%. The fall for le Soir Magazine was smaller (-0,65%).

    It’s the same again for the monthly French-language press (-9,09%). Marie Claire Belgique fell by 13,85%. Psychologies Magazine fell by 16,62%, and Gael by 9,17%. Elle Belgique fell by 5,78%.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)