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    Possible disruptions to water production and supply


    The Walloon water board (SWDE) warned this Monday that the production and distribution of drinking water will be affected by the implementation of the power cut schedule. Pumping facilities and water distribution installations are all electrically powered and will therefore grind to a halt if there is a power cut.

    The SWDE, feeling it is “their duty to minimise this risk,” said it has asked the Federal Minister of Energy to class many of SWDE’s drinking water plants as ‘priority sites’ (and therefore spared of any power cuts) if the schedule kicks in so that institutions or “sensitive” organizations such as hospitals, nursing homes or fire services will not be deprived of drinking water.

    “The SWDE also pointed out to provincial and local authorities the impact of scheduled power cuts on the supply of drinking water in their areas.  It encouraged them to assess the risk and to make sure a plan was in place to protect the most vulnerable institutions,” the company said in a statement.

    The Walloon Water Board has posted a list of “frequently asked questions” on its website. In the second half of December, it will also post a map giving an overview of the situation if the power cut schedule is implemented.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)