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    EDF Luminus in court against Elia over reserves


    EDF Luminus has taken Elia to court over its reserves for 2015. It’s a suspensory appeal, making the situation on the 1st of January will be uncertain, l’Echo reported on Thursday. The power reserves, which can be activated in 15 minutes, should allow the network manager to deal with large unbalances and congestions. They could therefore play a crucial role in the tense situation to come. It was planned to attribute the reserves by tenders, but Luminus is contesting the selection of tenders for 2015.

    The energy producer and provider has submitted an interim appeal to the Brussels Commercial Tribunal, a suspensory appeal.

    EDF Luminus considers that this appeal does not put the security of the country’s energy supply in danger.

    An attempt to find a compromise between the two parties is underway. If they cannot agree, another option could be the prolongation of the 2014 conditions by the Minister for Energy.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)