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    Radio show for Muslim community


    According to La Libre Belgique on Wednesday, the government of the Wallonia-Brussels federation (FWB) have decided to set up a quango which will be asked, amongst other things, to facilitate the setting up of a radio “programme” for the Muslim community, similar to the ones other communities (Catholic, secular, Protestant, etc.) already enjoyed. “Moderate Muslims will be allowed to speak out at last, and to explain how they view their religion”, explains Nourredine Smaili, president of EMB (Muslim Executive in Belgium).

    Resources will need to be found at RTBF, and it will not be easy to draw up an editorial charter for a community which is very diverse in Belgium. RTBF adds that “furthermore, we will need a proposal from a group recognised by the government of Wallonia-Brussels, an NGO, for example. We have yet to receive such an application.” EMB, the official representative of the Muslim faith to the Belgian authorities said they would “take this in hand”.

    The FWB government also confirmed the creation of a Master’s degree for training imams.

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)