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    Tihange 3 reactor halted on Thursday for servicing


    From December 25th to January 2nd, the Tihange 3 reactor will be closed down for servicing, reported an Electrabel spokeswoman on Wednesday,  confirming a report released on October 24th. “The gradual restarting of the reactor will begin on January 2nd, instead of the 3rd as was announced in October,” she added.

    Last October, Electrabel decided to change the Tihange 3 servicing schedule “to keep the plant running until the end of winter.” A ten-day shutdown during the Christmas holidays was then decided, which will also delay the planned service in late March by 10 days. “The fuel replacement will therefore take place during a week when household consumption is lower, enabling the plant to therefore run until the very end of winter,” said Electrabel.

    A more in-depth service, originally scheduled to start on March 14th, will begin on March 24th and last until May 12th, 2015.

    According to Electrabel, the shutdowns should in no way increase the risk of power shortages.

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)