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    Belgians are the champions of economic pessimism


    Belgians are the most pessimistic about the economic situation, even more so than the French. This is according to the annual Gallup study, done in 65 countries, which Le Soir mentioned on Friday. When asked if 2015 would be an economically prosperous year, only 4% of those that took part said yes. No other country paints such a black picture. Many Belgians (54%) also predict economic difficulties. Those that worry most are people in the middle and at the end of a career, and those without work.

    When the Belgians that took part were asked how they saw 2015 overall, pessimism was also very present. They are among those who have the least confidence in the future. Only Bosnia, Italy, Lebanon and Serbia do worse.

    Belgians are, however, not unhappy. 49% said they were happy, which puts Belgium in the top third.

    Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)