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    Belgians are particularly annoyed by speeding


    Driving too fast, not using indicators properly, and following too close: these are the three things that annoy Belgians most on the road. This comes from a study by the Automobile club VAB, involving 2,000 Belgians.

    74% of the people asked said speeding was the biggest annoyance on the road. Misuse of indicators (72%) comes next, followed by driving too closely to the person in front (62%).

    The list of top 5 irritations is completed by accelerating when approaching an orange light (58%) and not stopping at a pedestrian crossing (57%).

    The most problematic for the VAB are speeding and following too close, which are the “main causes of accidents on the road”. The club reminds people that at 120km/h, drivers should stay at least 60m away from the person in front.

    Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)