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    Charlie Hebdo – Around half a million copies in Belgium


    Around 480,000 copies of the “Survivor’s Edition” of Charlie Hebdo have been distributed in Belgium, the press distributor AMP said on Tuesday. New copies of the 1,178th edition of the weekly satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo are sold every day. Even if it is difficult to give an exact figure, “it’s said more than 400,000 copies have been sold”. Some readers are still ordering the edition from their bookstores.

    On Friday, it was announced that 7 million copies of the edition would be printed. 6,3 million of them were kept for the French market. Belgium represents the second biggest market.

    The release date for the next edition has not yet been made official, but according to the AMP, it should be the 9th of February. The press distributor has planned ahead and already ordered 100,000 copies.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)