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    The number of unregistered people being deported falls


    The number of unregistered people being deported has fallen for the first time since 2010, due to savings being imposed, De Standaard reported on Tuesday. Last year, 2,586 unregistered unsuccessful asylum seekers were deported, compared to 3,167 in 2013. These are according to figures provided by Theo Francken (New Flemish Alliance), the State secretary for Asylum and Migration. This is the first time deportations have fallen since 2010.

    According to the Foreigner’s Office, the lack of space in detention centres could explain this fall. “Two years ago, we had 600 places, whereas there are only 480 today”, said its spokesman Geert De Vulder. “We have been forced to make savings over the last two or three years. We cannot replace staff when they leave and have had to close some departments”.

    Savings doesn’t seem to fit with State Secretary Theo Francken’s statement that he would make deporting unsuccessful claimants an important point of his asylum and migration policy.

    Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)